Example Docker Architecture for deploying the Consulta Backend on Linux Server Environments
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This Repository is only for production use! Do not try to deploy this at your local dev setup as it will fail!


  • git, python3, pip3, virtualenv, Docker, docker-compose


  1. Fulfill Requirements above
  2. Clone this repo
  3. Execute start_architecture.sh

Renewing certificate:

  1. Check if there is no other process listening on port 80 than nginx in the docker environment (script will shut down docker environment so you do not need to stop it yourself)
  2. Execute renew_certificate.sh

Deployed Services:

  • Postgres
  • nginx
  • Django and Gunicorn in one container

Known Issues:

  • "Error starting Userland proxy: listen tcp bind: address already in use": nginx or some other process is listening on port 80, check for process with netstat | grep 80 or top | grep nginx